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Community Cookbooks is a project of your favorite real food bloggers, in the spirit of old-fashioned cookbooks produced by schools and churches. The great thing about these types of cookbooks is that each cook provides their BEST recipe, so it winds up a collection of the best of the best!

Our second publication is the Naturally Sweetened Treats e-cookbook. Because we are real food bloggers, you won't find a bunch of white sugar, white flour and processed ingredients, but recipes sweetened naturally with dates, honey, maple syrup, stevia herb and unprocessed sugars like rapadura or muscovado, including these delectable delights:

Naturally Sweet Treats - recipe collage

Naturally Sweetened Treats includes over 40 luscious recipes, most of which are guilt-free: 35 recipes are primal (27 paleo), 39 are gluten-free (36 grain-free), 30 are dairy-free and 19 are GAPS-legal. Recipes include:

Naturally Sweet Treats - cover
  • bars & balls
  • cakes & pies
  • chocolate snacks
  • cookies
  • fruit snacks
  • ice cream, custard, dairy & dairy-free

Each recipe in the exquisitely designed book includes a mouth-watering photograph, complete list of ingredients, comprehensive preparation instructions and a brief bio of the cook who provided it.

The cookbook is available as a PDF, thus viewable through every device you might want to carry into your kitchen to have handy while you cook. Or you can print it if you prefer. You get IMMEDIATE access to the e-cookbook and can start making scrumptious sweets right away! At $9.97, it's just 24 cents a recipe.

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