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Community Cookbooks

Community Cookbooks is a project of your favorite real food bloggers, in the spirit of old-fashioned cookbooks produced by schools and churches.

The great thing about these types of cookbooks is that each cook provides their BEST recipe, so it winds up a collection of the best of the best!

Because we are real food bloggers, you won't find processed ingredients, just old-fashioned ingredients like your grandmother cooked with: broth, meat or poultry, legumes or whole grains, fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices; real food that nourishes from your tastebuds to your toes.

Winter Soups - cover

Our first publication, of which I am inordinately proud to have played a part, is Winter Soups cookbook, which includes:

  • cheese & cream soups
  • pumpkin, squash & root vegetable soups
  • sweet, sour & exotic flavored soups
  • bean & lentil soups
  • beef soups
  • chicken soups
  • pork soups
  • seafood soups

All dietary persuasions are covered, there's something for both the vegetarian and paleo palates, from low-carb to low-calorie, side dish soups to hearty main courses.

Each recipe in the exquisitely designed book includes a mouth-watering photograph, complete list of ingredients, comprehensive preparation instructions and a brief bio of the cook who provided it.

Winter Soups - inside

If you order now, you could start making luscious soup today and make a new one every week for a year! But a few are destined to become favorites; those you'll make over and over again.

In winter, I make soup at least twice a week, but I make soup at least weekly all year. Soup is a great frugal way to stretch the budget! At $9.97, the recipes in this cookbook will cost you less than $0.20 each. Making 2 or 3 recipes will more than pay for the book, plus you'll have delectable soup.

The cookbook is available as a PDF, thus viewable through every device you might want to carry into your kitchen to have handy while you cook. Or you can print it if you prefer. You get IMMEDIATE access to the ebook and can start cooking right away!

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