wireless adapter problem while installing Ubuntu

Ubuntu Circle of Friends

This falls into the "anything else that strikes me as interesting to write about" category; most of my readers will not be interested.

Conversely, if you found this site Googling for this problem, the rest of my blog may not interest you.

It's about installing Ubuntu on a Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop and the known issue with installing Broadcom wireless adapters in Ubuntu.

My particular wireless adapter is the BCM4306 14e4:4320 one, which information I got running some command I don't recall anymore.

I'm moving...

a blog is born

I will no longer be posting at GAPS for T2 but instead at Deductive Seasoning, a blog about cooking, diabetes, disability, fatigue, homesteading, nutrition, science and anything else that strikes me as interesting to write about.

I have always enjoyed BBSs, Usenet, IRC, web discussion forums and lately Facebook, because I like the give-and-take in chatting with other folks.

However, sometimes it gets a bit tiresome to explain the same thing in one conversation after another and I always thought it'd be handy to have a blog to post so I could write something once, and then provide a link whenever the topic came up again.

And also to save my wisdom for all posterity. ;)

Though I liked the idea of a blog, for years, I never got around to starting one. Every topic I was interested in discussing was blogged about elsewhere. I commented on those blogs and joined the conversation, but never started my own because someone else was already blogging my interests.