best of October 2013

Some of the things we are officially supposed to be aware of in October 2013, because it was blank Awareness Month):
ADHD, Audiology, AIDS, Blindness, Breast Cancer, Bullying Prevention, Celiac Disease, Co-op, Diversity, Domestic Violence, Down Syndrome Awareness, Dyslexia, Emotional Intelligence, Head Start, Critical Illness, Cyber Security, Depression, Disability Employment, Liver, Pregnancy and Infant Loss, Respiratory syncytial virus, Sarcastic, Spina Bifida, SIDS, Rett Syndrome, Squirrel, Workplace Politic

October also contained several awareness weeks, such as Mental Illness, Food & Drug Interactions and Prescription Errors. The really sad things that only had a day for people to be aware of them include Cephalopod, African Penguin, Latino AIDS, Reptile and Stuttering days.

Having read the previous paragraphs, you are now caught up on everything you were supposed to be aware of in October, but missed due to distraction about the government shutdown, which is all anyone was talking about all month.

When we were all just about fedup with hearing about it, a Facebook friend complained about the USDA nutritional database being down. Leave it to a Real Foodie to put things in perspective!

More interesting Real Food things that happened in October...

my favorite posts
best stops on the information superhighway in October 2013
The results of Mark's Primal Post-Its contest are a freaking RIOT!
Some are amusing, but some get downright snarky and sarcastic. My favorite is the "label" added to Swedish fish candy: "Warning! Not a rich source of omega 3's".
Paleo mom's macronutrient article
A down-to-earth discussion of carbohydrate, protein and fat - what the research really shows and what really matters.
How Factory Farming and the Government Shutdown Collided to Create a Serious Public Health Issue
This antibiotic-resistant salmonella outbreak caused a very high hospitalization rate... while the CDC was seriously understaffed.
3 hard cider recipes from Common Sense Homesteading
How to throw the best off-grid autumn party! (This blog has an amazing wealth of information; you can lose entire days there if you have any interest in homesteading topics at all).
Mexico bans GMO corn effective immediatly!
You GO, Mexico!
My Blessed Life posts about why she swapped out plastic containers for glass
While I agree with much of her logic and have several sets of Pyrex storage containers myself, I can't replace the hundreds upon hundreds of square pint and quart sized containers I use for freezing. I often have to put up a harvest or seasonal deal and used 50-100 at a time, plus I freeze extra meals when I feel well for use when I am not up to cooking. And mason jars do NOT work for me, once you've had a jar with appropriate headspace, properly cooled before freezing, and seemingly fine for months EXPLODE in your freezer, you're surprisingly reluctant to freeze in them ever again.
The Daily Show - October 10
While I am generally not intending to be political on this blog, the dig at Arby's in this segment about the government shut down had me laughing: "technically, it's food."

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Best Halloween video

One of my daughter's favorite songs when she was little.

What's the best stuff you've seen lately?