I'm a rockstar

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by Jackie Patti

One of the REALLY weird things about starting your own blog is that suddenly these people you've been looking up to for so long consider you a peer. It's as if you are a groupie suddenly invited backstage and realize they consider you a rockstar too!

My first surprise was when Amanda of Fresh Bites Daily "invited me backstage", asking me to join a blogging network where we all try to assist each other. I've followed Amanda's writing through several blogs now and was just really surprised she considered me a peer. And then when I joined, so many of my heroes were in there!

My more recent surprise was when Pat of Heal Thyself! asked if she could repost some of my Facebook posts as guest posts on her blog! Whoa! I'm honored!

You can read my guest posts here: Ignore Cholesterol Readings and Your Doctor Shouldn't Be The Authority On YOUR Health.

Now my head is all big and I'm half expecting Melissa Etheridge to ask me to join her on stage at her next concert...