how to find healthy dinner ideas

how to find healthy dinner ideas

by Jackie Patti

I gave away my Joy of Cooking to a young woman a few years ago. She was one of my home health aids and learned much of what she knew about cooking from me and I gave it to her because it's so great for techniques you've never done before and ingredient information and such. And at that point in my life, I pretty much never used an actual cookbook anymore; my cookbook was Google.

Whenever I was looking for lunch ideas or healthy dinner recipes, I Googled. I had to sort through the results manually because Google doesn't understand that I don't want recipes that use canned cream-of-anything or evaporated milk.

But there's a better way to search for easy dinner recipes now!

real food sites search portal

If you're looking for easy dinner recipes, you must check out the real food sites search portal at Granny's Vital Vittles. As of this writing, Kathy has included over 400 real food and natural living sites in this portal.

Whether there's something specific you want to make or you're just looking for healthy dinner recipes, the portal makes it SO much simpler than Googling.

Frankly, I find it easier than Pinterest also. Though if you like Pinterest, you can certainly pin the kewl stuff you find using Kathy's search.

I keep it on my main bookmark bar - darned handy link to have around!

What's your favorite way to find recipes?