No soup for you!

No soup for you!  NEXT!
by Jackie Patti

You remember the Seinfeld episode...

The Soup Nazi terrorized New Yorkers, denying them his luscious soup unless they followed his soup ordering protocol EXACTLY.

"No soup for you!" he bellowed, "NEXT!"

Through a bizarre set of circumstances involving an armoire, Elaine wound up with copies of all the Soup Nazi's recipes, thus ending his monopoly and saving the people from his tyranny.

Today, I am playing the part of Elaine, bringing soup to the masses!

Like Elaine, I am bringing to you a whole PILE of awesome soup recipes. Unlike Elaine, I am charging you $3.97 for it. Click the banner!

This is LAST CALL! Winter Soups is on sale ONLY through February 4th at this price, when it reverts to it's normal price of $9.97. Get your soup recipes NOW! Click the banner!

Still here? Why didn't you click the banner yet?

You can't eat this soup standing up, your knees buckle.

raves Jerry Seinfeld about some other soup entirely.

So click the banner to get Winter Soups.

Or just buy it now cause you're amused and maybe want some soup.

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Special Thanks go to:

Pat of Heal Thyself, our fearless leader, who patiently cajoled, helped and answered questions as we proceeded with uncertainty and much confusion...

Aubrey of Homegrown and Healthy, who took on the Herculean task of organizing over 50 recipes in different formats along with pictures and bios, designing us a gorgeous book.

Starlene of GAPS Diet Journey, who took on troubleshooting and formatting issues when it looked like we were in over our heads.

Vivian of The Real Food Guide, who designed our Community Cookbook logo, our beautiful book cover, plus many banners and graphics.

Winter Soups Contributors:

Sarah of Real Food Outlaws,
Shannon of All Things Health,
Shanti of Life Made Full,
Shelley of A Harmony Healing,
Sjanett of Paleolland,
Stacy of A Delightful Home,
Stacy of Paleo Gone Sassy,
Starlene of GAPS Diet Journey,
Susan of Grow In Grace Farm,
Susan of Learning and Yearning,
Suzanne of Strands of my Life,
Sylvie of Hollywood Homestead,
Tracy of Oh, The Things We'll Make!,
Vanessa of Natural Family Today,
Vivian of The Real Food Guide,
Vivica of The Nourished Caveman,
Wendy of Cooking Quinoa.