morning routine - summary

morning routine summary

My morning routine posts are all over the place in the archives, so I thought I'd put together a summary with links and nutritional information.

Of course, as I've stated repeatedly, I am not a morning person. My routine honestly starts with a giant cup of coffee.

There are two schools of thoughts on coffee. Some think it is full of antioxidants and such, like chocolate. I tend to like those arguments.

Others thing coffee is not so great, especially for those of us with adrenal issues. I don't care. I need my coffee!

After sufficient coffee has occured, I go on to lemon water with vitamin C, though not enough to make Linus Pauling happy.

I drink my lemon water while I make my vegetable juice spiked with ginger and turmeric roots, from stuff prepped the night before to make it easy on a non-morning person.

I drink the juice while I clean up the juicer bits, then make my broth concoction with chicken broth, coconut milk and sea salt.

nutritional summary of my morning routine

  • 400 mg vitamin C
  • 3 cups of "greens" ala Wahls
  • 2 cups of "coloreds" ala Wahls
  • daily cup of bone broth

The whole process takes around a half hour, if in a hurry I can even do it in 15 minutes. And it gets me a bunch of nutrition before I've ever eaten a thing.

Image credit: Adapted from Alarm clock by Google [Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.