first three essential tools for disabled gardening

essential tools for disabled gardening - 2-in-1 hoe & rake, gloves, seat and hydration

There are a few tools that are absolutely indispensable to disabled gardening in a raised bed.

The four shown in this picture include a 2-in-1 hoe & rake, gloves, a seat and hydration.

2-in-1 hoe & rake

Given fatigue issues, I want to devote my gardening time to the actual gardening, not fetching or hauling around tools.

The 2-in-1 hoe & rake does almost everything I need to do in the raised bed garden.

The hoe end used lightly will remove most small weeds. Used heavily, it will chop the roots of nasty weeds with serious root systems like burdock.

The rake end works well to mix in more compost when adding dirt or simply smoothing out an area of dirt before planting.


The gloves are all I really use for planting. Because the soil has a lot of peat moss to keep it light, and is never walked on to compact it, I can easily just scoop the dirt out of the way to plant.

Gloves are also cause I'm a wuss in two ways.

While I'm very happy that my raised bed has been colonized by bazillions of worms, I do not find worms particularly cuddly. They can do their wormy business, and I'll do my gardening business, but we don't have to touch each other in the process. :)

Worse than worms though is mice. My primary around-the-yard handy stuff is straw. I use straw as mulch. I use straw as bedding in my chicken coop. I use straw to cover my bed in winter to prevent erosion. The problem is mice like straw even more than I do. And I hate and am terrified of mice.

I'm better than I was when we moved here, but I still don't actually want to touch mice.

my seat

I do not sit on the cinder blocks while gardening. I have this little seat that is nothing more than a piece of foam rubber screwed on to a board. One end is long and has a hole to use as a handle for easy carrying. I can sit anywhere, on any side of the raised bed, and reach in and garden.

I store it under the table to avoid it being wet after a rain; storing it with the handle down means the foam rubber dries really quickly.

next time

hydration and rest!