morning routine - broth concoction

broth concoction

It might seem this morning routine stuff is very complicated, but it seriously takes me less than a half hour to do the whole thing once the initial coffee has occured.

I make the lemon water with my vitamin C, then drink that while I make my veggie juice. I drink the veggie juice while I rinse the juicer, which pretty much has to be done right away.

And then I reward myself with my broth concoction, which is almost better than the coffee. If it had caffeine, it'd be perfect. ;)

ingredients for broth concoction
"ingredients for broth concoction" from ornery geeks

broth concoction

To start with, I start with chicken broth, though you could use my recipe for pseudo-broth if you're short on the real stuff.

It's ridiculously simple. I fill a coffee cup about 2/3 with broth. I add a big spoonful of coconut milk. I add sea salt to taste and then nuke.

I realize some of you real food folks do not nuke. I do not believe microwaves are harmful. However, if you disagree, feel free to heat yours in a small saucepan.

This is my favorite bit of my morning routine as it is just such a wonderful yummy drink.

I cook with broth often, but not daily. So besides being a luscious start to my day, it means I get a dose of bone broth daily.

After the coffee, lemon water, veggie juice and broth concotion, I may or may not be hungry.

If I am, I'm most likely to nuke dinner leftovers. If none are available, I'm likely to make a couple soft boiled eggs and eat them slathered in butter.